The whaling cries of a young boy startles everyone in the amusement park; “I want to ride that roller coaster!”, the boy appeals to his mother, “Sorry, you will have to wait a few more years to grow taller”, she reaffirms the boy while gently patting his head. The dejected boy looks up to the powder blue summer sky, and wishes to himself that he could fast forward his life a few years to be able to ride the coaster. On the drive home, the mother could see the disappointment on her sons face, and states the words that young boy will never forget, “Don’t worry son, time really does go by fast, and you will be taller than that sign quicker than you know it”. The boy at the time does not think much of that saying, as he only worries about wiping the tears with his shirt from his weary eyes.

That same boy now stands in front of that sign, now almost double its size, and cannot believe that moment when he was a little boy making a scene in the park was so long ago. “Wow, I head off to university this year; moving out, and taking that next step to adulthood. Where did the time go?”, the boy wonders aloud to himself. In that moment he remembers what his mother said to him on that day, and finally realizes she was right. His grade school years have passed so quickly, and a brief smile floods over his face as he recollects all the fun moments he has created with his friends over the years. The buzz of the boy’s phone wakes him up from his daydreaming, the text reads “Hey, I know you might be busy, but do you want to get together tonight?” The boy, realizing time has passed so quickly and he does not want to pass on another opportunity to see his friend, quickly responds, “Of course”.

Just before heading out to catch up with his friend, something catches the boy’s attention. Its two children crying, just as he was years earlier, as they cannot ride a similar ride. One of the younger children yells, “I cannot wait until I grow up! I’m tired of being young!” The boy runs over the to the scene, “Hey, I just want you to know, treasure every moment you have in your youth. Time flies, and before you know it you will be wondering where all the time goes”. The children quickly brush off the advice, “What do you know?”; instead of illustrating to the children that he was in their same scenario, he simply states, “Trust me”.