The famous phrase, “A picture is worth a thousand words”, was instilled in my head at a young age. Whether it be from my teachers in school, who asked us to recollect what we saw in different images, or to my mother referring to that expression whenever we saw a stunning image. The striking thing about looking at photos, is your peers may point out something you never saw in that picture; which is why I believe photography is truly an art. Now to be clear, I do not consider myself at all a professional photographer; but rather someone who loves the thrill of exploring for a great shot.


My journey into photography started in my grade nine, or freshman, year of high school. I took Photo Nine, mainly as a course that I thought would be an easy ‘A’, I remember talking to my friends and saying, “Hey, this is gonna be the easiest course, all you have to do is take pictures!”. However, I would regret those words, as it turned out to be one of my toughest courses I took in high school. From finding places for a good shot, to editing those pictures, and to photoshopping images made me eat those words I said earlier about the class. I ended up finding it such a struggle to just get a decent mark in that class.



My juvenile fourteen year old self did not appreciate the art of photography, but rather was just concerned about getting a good grade. The rush of looking down into your camera into a perfect portrait, and the journey it took to find the view is why I love photography. If you decide to go by yourself, you feel connected to the nature; hearing the crunch of mulch under your foot, and the hum of birds in the distance, while you point and shoot revelling in natures beauty. Taking the time to go with a group of friends, sharing laughs, and making memories while hiking up a mountain can connect you with your friends for your desire of photography. This is how shooting can connect you with nature, and to a group of friends; while being an art form in capturing a spectacular view you will never forget. In fact, I guarantee when you look back at a picture from the past, you will remember the journey you took to take the photo almost as much as the view itself.


These are all reasons why I love photography; from going on road trips in the future, exploring new places, witnessing your peers perspective on a image, and to bask in natures beauty. There are still so many places I want to shoot and visit, and I look forward to travelling to them in the future.